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27 February 2014 @ 08:47 pm

Name: Mytiam
Age: 21 (very soon 22)
Gender: Female
Location: Puerto Rico
Languages: Spanish and English
Occupation: Student and part-timerAbout Me:
Hi, my name is Myriam but all my family and friends prefers to use my second name, Odaris. I'm a very shy girl who loves to be the center of attention while dancing on stage. I am on my last term before graduation on the  culinary arts. Still live with my parents, two older sisters, a very sweet-loving cat and the spawn of the devil (also a cat)
I like baking, drawing, dancing reading books, playing the piano and writing.


Movies: Harry Potter series, Easy A, Corpse Bride, A Knights Tale, Iron Man, Die Hard (all of them) and more...


Books: The Harry Potter series, The Giver, All the series set on the kingdom of Tortal by Tamora Pierce, Howl Moving Castle, work by Torey Hayden and the list could go on and on....


Music: I have a very wide range of music taste, so anything and everything with a good sound


Television: Psych, Supernatural, Scrubs, That 70s Show, House, Strong Medicine, My cat from hell, Rules of Engagement, The Next Great Baker


How many penpals do you have?
I used to have one when I was 16 but all of a sudden she stopped sending me letters, years later she contacted me and said it was because I stopped sending her letters... I think it was because of mailing issues.


How many do you want?  2 or 3


Do you want email pals? I don't check my email that much but I'm sure I will if I someone wants to do emails


Do you want snail-mail penpals? YES! I love getting letters and swapping some trinkets and beig able to doodle on letters XD


How long are your letters? Depends on how I feel that day but usually 1 or more pages, not too long tho.


How long does it take you to reply to letters? As soon as I finish the letter I start writing the reply


Do you prefer male or female? Either is fine


Age? 21 and older


Where would you prefer them from? Anywhere around the world outside of Puerto Rico. I am very culture curious, so I'll ask many questions.


What are you looking for in a penpal?  Friendship, open-minded person who I can talk to about anything and everything and will get my sometimes weirdness and think it to be cute or just plain normal :))
If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you leave a comment  XD

24 February 2014 @ 09:16 pm

I don't think I've ever told anyone about this except my mom, but for a year in elementary school (6 grade) I tormented a girl one year younger than me. 




The year before, my family had decided to move from the house and town we had lived in for ten or so years and switch me from one school to another. I had been more than ok with the change, I was actually the one to make the decision of switching schools. What I never thought about was being in a completely new place, having to make new friends, adjust to the teaching system and my growing dyslexia problem. As its obvious, my grades of the year went from straight A's to D- and F.   Because I couldn't find a way to get my grades back up (i was very proud of being smart) I started to have more frequent asthma attacks, since it always happens whenever I have a strong emotion, like at the moment which was stress. On top of my grades seeming to never want to rise again, i was making no friends and often was left alone. The only ones to play with me were the kids from preschool.




But anyways, almost at the end of the year a group of girls from my class started letting me hang out with them, but they weren't the best crowd, i didn't noticed at the time but this girls were the bullies of the school, at the end of our last year of elementary, one of them was suspended and thus couldn't end the year with us for punching a little first grade girl. While i was with them, I was often teased and laughed at by them.  In the school before I was bullied for 5 years. I was so scared of being alone again, left out of all groups, that I decided to stay with them and just laugh along. At the end of the year I was able to scrape by with my grades and advance to 6th grade, which was horrible for me.




6th grade started and we were shuffled around, which meant the girls who I used to hang out with weren't in my class no more. That's when I met a girl who's name is the same as mine.  She was really nice and friendly and we became friends instantly, we often exchanged backpacks and wrote on each others notebooks. Since i wasn't hanging out with the bullies anymore, more girls were becoming my friends, to the point were we became a group of 14 girls.  No one was making fun of me or laughing at me, I felt liberated, but not in a very good way.  I was still struggling with my grades and the fact that my self-esteem was on the ground and getting lower by the minute was not helping. By then I was in a group of violinist children, and i can certify I was the worst of them all, which helped my self confidence none. I was frustrated and stressed, so I found an outlet... a 5th grade girl.




My friends had been talking about this girl for a while and saying she was dirty and ugly, only thing is, they never said it to her... i did, constantly, and with all the vileness I possessed. When the girl didn't seem to get that I was making fun of her, I often pushed her or bump into her with force so she was obligated to notice me. I live with two older sisters and one of them used me for a punching bag back then, to not feel her punches I had developed abs, upper arm muscle and a whole lot of brute strength at that age (that's why i hit puberty so late in the game, i just realised that...). I gotta give it up for the little girl, because at no point she was scared of me or she knew I would never actually hurt her. But still, I called her names, pulled her hair, she never backed down or showed she was scared, she gave it right back at me and once I got so so(two on purpose)  mad I punched her in the face. The moment my fist connected with this girl's face, I felt horrible and wanted to puke, I had never hit anyone, let alone in the face, which I was taught since very little it was a persons identity and should be respected (I have been never hit in the face *volleyballs don't count*). We all froze in that moment, my group of friends and the girl could not believe what I had just done, I couldn't believe what i had done. you could see a growing purple bruise under her left eye. The second I regained control of my emotions I turned around and ran, and of course I got and asthma attack for running like i did, so the school called my mom to pick me up.




Next day, you could see the bruise from a mile away but the girl never said anything to anybody. I felt ashamed of it, hell i still do! since school was almost over, I tried as possible to not encounter her again and was able to pass the grade.  I moved up to 7th grade and didn't see her for the next year... or the year after that, in fact, it wasn't until my senior year in highschool that i saw her again. She had moved to the states for 5 years and that whole time I had never forgotten i had given a black eye to this girl. In those five years I had started to do better in school, had a true friend by my side (which is still my best friend :) ) and dealt with my own bullies (even my sister). Most of the school was scared of me, actually more like respected me because while i never bullied anybody I didn't let anybody bully me or my friends, plus I still had that abnormal super body strength (which I sometimes miss). Point is, the girl was back and I still felt horrible. So one day I went up to her and asked if we could talk, she hesitated a bit but said yes. I told her I was very sorry about what I had done to her, she looked at me and said "I'm sorry, who are you?". I was a bit surprised but i said: " You don't remember me?" to which she replied "No",




i said "I'm the one who taunt u and teased u in elementary, i even punched u in the face once"




"Oh yeah,"




"I wanted to apologize for that, i was going through a rough patch but I had no excuse for what I did, you didn't deserve in no way what u got and I'm truly sorry for it"




"It's ok, i didn't even remember that happened" she smiled a me trying to cheer me up.




"No, its not ok, you may not remember but i do, I remember that day as if it was yesterday and eats me up inside. For years I was bullied by other girls because I had buck tooth's, really bad hair and was at the top of my class. I endured all of this without saying anything or standing up for myself, it was slowly crumbling me, even though I have always been strong physically, my mental strength was none. The moment when I felt like I had none of that anymore, I turned to you so I could let out all my anger. Sad thing is I didnt even know you, I just knew what my 'friends' were saying about you, but I was actually the only one to step over the line of just gossiping. That day I hit you, I had just gotten an F on my reading exam and was angry at myself for not being able to read well and get good grades, at the time I didn't know I was dyslexic, but none of this is excuse to what I did to you, I know it must have hurt, my own hand was hurting for a few days. What I'm getting at is, I am truly, really sorry for that and I am ashamed to have ever let my emotions take control over me and cause you pain." By this point I was already shedding some tears and so was she. 




"Apology accepted" she said and hugged me tight. We stayed like that for a moment, collecting ourselves then let go, I told her "I'm sorry" one more time then we reunited with our friends again. During the remain of the year if we passed each other on the hallways we would smile at each other or say hi.




Years later I was walking in the mall with my best friend and was looking at the floor, since i wasn't looking up i bumped into somebody... It was her, we took some seconds to recognize each other but when we finally did, I offered my hand for a handshake, she took it and pulled me in for a hug. After a few seconds we let go and smiled at each other, she saluted me and took her boyfriends hand and walked away still smiling, she had forgiven me and i had forgiven myself.






a/n: there are some things in this story which are actually true, all of the first paragraph actually happened and most of all the next ones. I was bullied all through elementary school and half of middle school, but i had never become the bully. There was a girl who i ALMOST hit in the face but never did (and she was kinda bullying me). I wanted to portray a bully's point of view, one that was actually sorry for what it had done but the story wouldn't come out right if i tried it to make it just that, a story, so I used some of my experiences and embellished them a little. I was really depressed as a kid and my bullies weren't helping. My parents didn't know exactly what was happening with me but helped me in any way they could think of and I really appreciate them for that. 




Bullying is bullying no matter the amount of damage.


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16 October 2009 @ 12:47 am

Title:  I’m never gonna be a father

Paring: Sho/OC

Genre: Angst

 Declaimer: I only own some of the characters; its unbetad so there’s gonna be a lot of horrors.  Other than that, enjoy!

Chapter 3: I’m never gonna be a father

“I’ll be here around midnight” Sho said taking his car keys from the table close to the door.  Himawari was in the room putting the finishing touches on her hair.

“Okay, I’m not gonna stay for too long on the bachelorette party, I don’t feel to good.” Himawari said closing the door of the room after her and walked to Sho who was on the living room.  “What you looking at?” She asked when she noticed Sho was looking at her and didn’t even blink.  Sho smiled and looked at her eyes.

“You look beautiful” Sho said hugging her, she smiled and hugged back.  When they were about to kiss the door bell rang.  Sho sighed and went to open the door.

“Kara-chan Hello” Sho said letting Aiba’s now official girlfriend in.

“Where is your lovely wife?” Karina said while taking her shoes off.

“Here” Himawari replied from the living room.

“Girls I have to go, I didn’t know it was part of the best man job to be a magic mirror and tell the groom how fantastic he looks.” Sho said annoyed.  He walked up to his wife, gave her a kiss and gave a peak to her not so big belly.

                The girls watched as Sho gave them a final wave and closed the door behind him.

“Come on, Jachira is waiting on Hikari’s house”

“Let me just get my purse and we can be on our way.” Himawari went to the corridor and took her purse form the perch.  Closing the door, the two girls climbed into the car and made their way to the bachelorette party they planned for Jachira (Matsumoto Jun’s fiancé) in Ohno’s and Hikari’s house.

“Thanks, and sorry again for the trouble” Himawari apologies for the hundred time to Karina, when she pulled up in front of the Sakurai household.

“Not to worry, I had to go anyway, I have worked tomorrow” Karina reassured Himawari watching as she got of the car.  “Are you gonna be okay? You said you felt weird at the party”

“It’s ok I think is just stomached” Himawari smiled and saying their goodbyes Karina started the car and drove off and Himawari entered her house.   

                Himawari looked at the clock and saw it was 11:30, Sho said he was gonna be there at midnight so she went to the living room to wait for him.  Almost an hour had passed and still there was no Sho, Himawari got up from the sofa to get the phone and call Sho but on the way she got dizzy and had to stop walking and hold on to the chair from the dining table.  After she could see correctly again, she let out a swallowed breath and continued her way to the phone. 

                She dialed Sho’s number and waited for him to pick it up but he didn’t, she tried for a while but still no Sho.  With unsteady steps she walked back to the sofa and sat down.  Himawari started wandering if Sho was okay so she tried every number of the Arashi clan and ended up with no answers.  Now she started to think that something seriously what’s wrong.  She tried again calling Sho’s phone again.

“Sho” Himawari almost scream when he picked up. “Where are you?”  she asked worried.

“I’m on my way” Sho replayed.

“Are you driving?” she asked more worried, if that was possible, when she notice he was drunk from the way he was talking.

“Yes” Sho sounded annoyed.

“You shouldn’t be driving while your drunk” Himawari started to get dizzy again so she closed her eyes and rubbed her temple.

“Stop nagging me woman, I’m almost there” Sho screamed and shut the phone.

“Sho don’t—Ah!” in that moment Himawari bent forward with a stabbing pain coming from her stomach.  She took the phone again, dialed Karina’s phone and took a steadying breath to help her control her pain.

“Moshi Mosh” came the sleepy voice of Karina.

“Kara-chan, would you come over, I think my water just broke and Sho’s not here” Himawari said it all in one breath then screamed again as another stabbing pain went through her body.

“On my way”

                As Karina’s house wan not far from the Sakurai’s she got there in less than 5 minutes.  Karina assisted Himawari to the car and speed up to the closest hospital, getting there with a screaming Himawari.

                Sho got to the house about 10 or 15 minutes after Karina arrived to take Himawari to the hospital.  The phone started ringing and Sho rolled his eyes and went to get it.

“Sho-chan?” came the voice of Nino form the other line.


“You have to come down to the hospital; Himawari had problems with her pregnancy.”

                As those words got to Sho’s head he hanged the phone and sprinted out of the house and drove to the hospital, drunkenness forgotten.  When he got there, he asked where the maternity level and sprinted to it when the receptionist told him.

                Sho got to the floor and found all the other Arashi members with their wife’s.  When he saw is friends he instantly knew something was not right, they all had dark looks and the women had tears on their eyes.

“What happened” Sho asked hoping the answer wasn’t the one he thought.

“She had complications in her pregnancy, she didn’t notice or she didn’t mind them” Jachira said after an uncomfortable silence. “The doctor said something must have upset her or she made a wrong move to cause the emergency deliver.” Jachira started to explain but had to stop because she lost her voice.  Sho looked at everyone and tears started to weld up in his eyes.

“Someone please, tell me what’s wrong”

“She… and the baby… they couldn’t make it” Ohno stepped up.  “They’re both gone.”

“What?” Sho couldn’t believe it.

“The baby didn’t have her body system prepared to come to this world, and Himawari was too weak, the doctor said the pain was too much for her body.”

“No, this can’t be” Sho put both his hands on his head and letting his weight fall and started crying desperately.  “Himawari” he said between sobs.  “It’s my entire fault, she was worried about me.  I yelled at her… I killed her… I killed them.” Sho cried his heart out.  “I’m never gonna be a father”

“She said to tell you she loved you with all her heart.” Karina said going up to Sho and kneeling before him.

“Himawari, I’m sorry… I’m sorry baby” Sho said still crying on the floor.

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29 September 2009 @ 10:32 pm

Title:  I’m never gonna be a father

Paring: Sho/OC

Genre: Romance for this chapter

Declaimer: I only own some of the characters; its unbetad so there’s gonna be a lot of horrors.  Other than that, enjoy!

Chapter 2: Wow, Baby!

It has been two months since the wedding and the Sakurai’s were situated on a town not far from Tokyo in a beautiful house.  The happy married couple was woken up by the ring of the alarm clock on Sho’s side of the bed.  Sho sat on the bed robbing his eyes when he heard his wife steps as she ran to the bathroom and a retching sound when she got there.

“Honey, are you okay?” Sho said while walking to the bathroom to find her vomiting, holding her hair with one hand and trying to steady herself.  He knelt beside her and started to stroke her back.  When she finished he helped her up and moved her to the sink for her to wash up.

“I think last night lasagna was a bad idea.” Himawari said breathing a little hard.  Sho was still looking at her worriedly.

“Now I know it was” Sho helped her to get to the bed and lie down.  In that moment his cell phone rang.  “Moshi Moshi”

“Sho-chan, you’re gonna be late” came the voice of Nino from the other side of the line.

“Is there any chance you could cover for me today” He said stroking Himawari’s hand.

“I would if you give me something”

“Nino, Mawari-chan is sick this morning, I’m afraid to let her alone like this”

“Sick?, uuu… do I hear the sound of flapping wings?”

“Huh?” okay Nino had lost his mind, there was no bird on his house and he was sure in Nino’s there wasn’t either.

“You were able to graduate form Keio but you can’t think of a simple thing,” Sho could hear Nino slapping his head.  “Okay, let’s give you a lesson of natural course of life.  When two people love each other they get married, they usually stop using protection while doing the marital pleasures so, if they’re not carefull enough, the girl will start to present some sintomes, like vomiting, dissiness, they could even faint…”

“So you’re saying that Himawari is sick with and usual disease found in married woman?” Sho had never heard of that.

“No, Einstein, She could be pregnant” Nino screamed.

Sho looked at his wife and saw her lying on the bed looking out the window not paying attention to his conversation and was robbing her belly.


“I’ll call you later” with that he hanged up the phone and put it in its place in his bedside table.  He went to Himawari’s side of the bed and sat in front of her.  She looked at him and started crying.

“I’m sorry, I should have told you.” she buried her face in his neck while he held her making soothing sounds and stroking her hair.

“How long have you know?” Sho asked when she was a little calm.

“I thought I was when I didn’t get my period the first month and I did a test yesterday and it came out positive but you weren’t home, I fell asleep before you came.” She still shed some tears.  Sho hugged her really tight.  He pulled her back and smile at her, gave her a lingering kiss.

“That just made me the happiest man on Earth” she smiled and thru her arms around his neck.  Sho stud up with Himawari still clinging at his neck and started to turn making circles.  “We’re gonna have a girl.”  He said when he put her back on her feet’s.

“Or a boy” she collaborated.

“A girl” Sho kept dreaming.

“Or boy”


“Can you just accept the fact that our baby could be a boy?”

“Can you stop saying it’s a boy, you’re gonna confuse her”

“Oi, you’re incorrigible” Himawari rolled her eyes and turn to go to the kitchen.

“Oi, oi, oi, come here” Sho pulled her by the arm and kissed her.

“The baby” She said when Sho started kissing her neck.

“I read somewhere, the baby won’t get harmed, if we’re careful” Sho was already taking her pj shirt off.  Hearing this Himawari joined in the action with a note to self to ask Sho why was he reading such things.  

 Chapter 1/~~/ Chapter 3

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27 September 2009 @ 11:39 pm

Title:  I’m never gonna be a father
Paring: Sho/OC
Genre: Romance for this chapter
Declaimer: I only own some of the characters; its unbetad so there’s gonna be a lot of horrors.  Other than that, enjoy!

Chapter 1: The wedding

“Today it’s gonna be wonderful” said Akane putting her hands on the shoulders of the girl in front of the mirror with a wedding dress on.  She was so nervous she was actually trembling.

                To make everything clear, today was Sho Sakurai and Himawari Kumai wedding day.  It was 4:00 o’clock and Himawari was 30 min. late for her arrival to the church.  Akane, Nino’s girlfriend and Karina, Aiba’s “Friend” were accompanying Himawari as her bridal court.  The two girls were trying to convince Himawari to go late to the church so they could make fun of Sho after they saw the video of the wedding and see him all nervous.

“Girls, please, let’s get to the church; Sho is not the only one nervous.” Himawari said, looking at the other two girls with pleading eyes.

“Ok, sorry, we were so caught up with the image of Sho freaking out because you had not shown up yet, that we forgot you must be feeling something similar.” Karina said with apologetic look on her face.

“Yeah, why did we not bring a camera with us?” this was Akane.

“Oi, you guys are terrible” Himawari took a last glance at her reflection on the mirror and taking her friends hands she stepped outside her parent’s house.

                After what felt like an eternity to Himawari they arrived at the church.  The three friends smiled at each other and with an reassuring grip of hands, they got out of the limo.  At the entrance they were joined by Himawari’s father, he intertwined her arm with his as the big doors of the church opened.  When it was her and hers father’s turn to enter, she was all smiles, she looked at all her friends and family and inclined her head as they passed them.  When she was close enough she looked at her husband-to-be and her smile grew bigger, if that was possible, he was looking at her like she was the only person in the whole world.  She felt like running to him and kiss him right on the spot.

                He knew the girls most have had convince his wife-to-be to go late to the church so they could laugh at him freaking out, and they won.  In the first 5 or 10 min. he was just fiddling with his hands but when those passed, he all but screamed at the camera man to not take him passing around the altar.  He was being held still by his best man, Aiba Masaki (Ohno was beside Aiba and the other two were close by), when the doors were opened by the bodyguards, so he ran to his place again.  He watched as Nino’s and Aiba’s girlfriends walked to the altar and both of them gave him reassuring smiles when they passed him to go the their places.

                He looked at the doors again and there he saw the most beautiful woman he thought ever to exist.  She was gliding down the aisle with a white dress and blue accessories.  He felt like the luckiest guy on earth.  As she got closer to the altar she finally looked at him, he saw her brilliant smile and mentally melted.  Her father, whom Sho swore he did not see with Himawari as she was entering, gave his daughter a kiss on the chick and with a stern look with a hint of happiness he put his daughters hand in Sho’s awaiting one.

“You finally came” said Sho with a smile.

“I wouldn’t have miss it for anything in the world” Himawari returned the smile and with a whispered ‘I love you’, they faced the priest and the wedding process began.

Chapter 2

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07 August 2009 @ 03:08 am
Title: The Case of the Lost DS
Genre: Humor, Comedy
Parings: none
Disclaimer: Not mine             

          Nino wake up that morning filling a little lazy (not that that was totally weird), sat on his bed and with his hand he massage his neck and then passed it though his hair messing it up more.  Stud up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom to do whatever he needed to do in there, after a shower he went out of the bathroom to find some clothes for the day, he picked whatever his hand could hold first, why bother? he had to change for the photoshot anyway.  He walked to the mirror in his closet and saw what he was wearing: Orange shirt with blue jeans and purple flip-flops.  Matsujun will freak if he sees me like this... perfect. Nino thought smiling.  On his way out, Nino picked up his wallet and then left it thinking it was Aiba's turn to pay for him.  Took his keys from the couter in the kitchen and was making his way to the table in the middle of the living room to pick up his DS when he realized that the little machine was...

"MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Nino started to put the place upside down looking for his precious DS.  He turn apart his couch, gently moved his playstations 1,2 and 3 the Wii and the other consols.  When he could not find it in the living room desided to go look around the kitchen.  He checked on the frige, in the oven, under the sink, everywhere but still no sight of the damn thing.  He went running to his room and turn it upside down like the living room and still no DS.

After a while of thinking of where he could have left it he thought maybe the guys have seen it, or maybe is at the jimusho.  He ran again for the door and remember he left the key to his car some place on the mess in the living room.  With the keys on his hand after much more mess he finally got into his car and made his way to the jimusho bulding. 

When he got to the bulding he ran to get to the elevator before the doors closed.  He got off on the floor where the green room was and ran down the corridor and bump into Sho at the corner.

"Nino, what's wrong?" asked Sho worried looking at his band mate catching his breath.

"... Something... horrible... happened..." said Nino between gasp of air.

" What? what is it?,  don't tell me MY BUBU DIED?" Sho started to cry and you could hear 'why's in between the crying.

" No, even worst, My DS IS MISSING"

" What Bubu isn't dead?" Sho stoped crying and looked at Nino.

" No, what the heck is a bubu?"

"My pet"

"You have a pet named Bubu?,  real manly Sho, your doing great" with a pat on the shoulder Nino left him standing on the coridor and went into the green room to look for his DS there.  The only one in the room was Matsumoto Jun who was painting his nails.  Nino thought to ask Matsu if he had seen his DS, but he most likely would have to beg for the answer being the DoS that MatsuJun is.  After not finding his DS anywhere, he desided to ask MatsuJun, but the way he did it wasn't probably the best idea.
 "MatsuJun, have you seen my DS?" said Nino after running up to him and taking his hands ruining his freshly done nails.  

"No, and look at what you have done, now I have to start again you Baka." yelled Matsujun looking at his nails, then looked up to see Nino with an apologetic smile and then saw his outfit. " and what the heck are you waring? Hey aren't those MY flip-flops?"

"Nope, no they are not" Nino turn to leave but saw Ohno lining against a wall aparantly sleeping. "Why is Ohno there?"

"Not a clue,  I could get him to the couch but I wanted to see how long he could sleep like that, s'been a hole hour and not a slip"  Jun said looking at the older man on the wall.  Nino made his way to Ohno and started to poke his chicks with one of his chubby fingers to wake him up.

"Oh-chan have you seen my DS?" Nino said shaking Ohno.

" ah, eh, eh... Gold fish" said Ohno startled and went back to sleep.

" You'll be of no help" Nino said, he checked the room again and nothing, he was getting depressed, He wanted his precious DS.  He walked over to MatsuJun who was doing his nails again. "Can you lend me your credit card?"

"sure, what for?" Jun said already handing the credit card to Nino.

"Oh, nothing just minor furniture shopping" Nino said poketing the card and exiting the room.  Outside he began thinking: Its actually gone, my DS is actually gone."WHY!!!!!!!!!"  Nino started running all over the bulding screaming only that word. 

On a corner hidding, Aiba had his dog shaped pillow in one hand and a perl blue DS in the other.  Nino passed in front of Aiba screaming and Aiba following Nino with his head, turn to his left and saw Sho standing beside him looking at the DS  on his hands.

"why do you have it?"

" Yesterday I got bored on the meeting we had before going home and I found I could stuff doggi with thing so I took Nino's DS  and put it inside doggi along with other things, then when the meeting was over I took everything out but I guess I didn't take Nino's DS out and did not remembered it was there till he came screaming."  Aiba told Sho with a sad face.  In that moment Nino passed them again screaming.

" Should I tell him?"

" Nah, maybe latter, come let's try it." Sho said pointing at Nino who was running and screaming still.  Aiba signal Sho to go first and he did.  They run after Nino, screaming too.  When the trio passed in front of the green room MatsuJun saw them and taking the hand of Ohno he to started to run after the guys yelling for them to stop.

"It finally happened... Arashi's gone bonkers." said Kame of Kat-tun, the rest of the je bands agreeing with him.
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29 July 2009 @ 11:17 pm
I just got to say it, August Rhapsody it's genius, you can actually hear the story of the boy and his parents on the piece, with the Chelo first and then the guitar, then combined, just like his parents.  Then you can hear his struggling with finding his parents, then the calm when he found something he loved to do with the help of  the people who cared about him, then the sudden fall he got and the rejoin from his family.  I just love it so much.
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29 July 2009 @ 10:05 pm
Your Gift is Intellect
You are a big thinker, and you're always playing with new ideas.
You are curious about the world. You enjoy learning and developing new theories.

You enjoy researching, analyzing, and solving problems. Thinking hard feels good!
You're the type of person who finds most mental tasks to be easy. You love to stretch your brain.
                                                                                                               Yeah right
You Have the Fears of an Adult
Your fears don't paralyze you - they are very rooted in reality.
You have had enough loss in your life to know more is to come, and you dread it.

Compared to most people, you deal with your fears well. They don't ruin your life.
Your fears are strong and very real, but you try to let them go. You know you can't control what happens.
28 July 2009 @ 08:23 pm
Well, it's gonna sound weird but when i was little someone told me that the Sun and the Moon were married but God needed someone to give light on the days and someone to give light on the night, so he asked the Sun and the Moon and they accepted the job.  The person told me that the dewdrops were because the Sun was crying because he missed his Moon and God gave the Moon the stars so she would not feel lonely.  So God made a promise telling them they would meet every once in a while with an Eclipse.